Features and Benefits of the Product

Characteristics and introduction

- Various products and regulations can be produced and used as insideexterior materials and bathroom finishes.
- Apply polyester and fiberglass to the rear of the slate to emphasize its durability
- Highlight the ease of transport and construction with 1.5 kgm2 (weight)
- Focus on diversity by producing various colors (18 types) and sizes
- The production of translucent products creates new possibilities.
- Apply coating paint properly according to the scope of application, enabling it to be fully waterproof and can be used as a floor material
- Place stickers on the rear side for easy construction (DIY products)
- Patent rights obtained through industry-academic cooperation of German technicians
- Available as a building enclosure with special fiber-glass (glass fiber) for full insulation

Reinventing Innovative Roles in Building Exterior (Wall) Construction

- Light weight makes transportation easier (1.5kg / ㎡) and absolute reduction in construction cost.
- The rear of slate is finished with polyester and fiberglass.
- Ensure flatness and dramatically increase insulation, waterproof and soundproof effects when joining the CC (Calcium Carbonate) board at the rear.
- Green Product
- It can be bent (Flexble) and can be easily cut by non-expert tools.

Materials specialized for environmentally unfriendly and seismic design